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Real Estate Transactions

Residential Real Estate Lawyers for the Greater Chicago Area

Real Estate Attorney for Homeowners

Whether you’re selling your home through a real estate agency or on your own, your terms of sale can have a significant impact.  If you have any doubts as to whether or not you should sign a contract, either wait to sign or add a contingency clause stating that the contract is contingent upon review and approval by your lawyer. Then contact our office as soon as possible to review your contract and situation.

Real Estate Attorney for Home Buyers

Just as homeowners should contact an attorney to make sure they’re reserving all the rights and maximizing their profit, home buyers should contact an attorney to unravel the legalese behind their contracts so they know the exact terms under which they’re purchasing the property. The Naperville real estate transaction attorneys at The Homer Law Firm will also research the home’s title to make sure there are no undisclosed liens or third-party rights and act as your legal counsel before the mortgage holder.

Having a Real Estate Attorney Matters

At The Homer Law Firm, we represent buyers and sellers engaged in residential transactions. Most mortgage companies and some title companies will not close on a sale without an attorney present, plus the myriad of legal issues inherent to transfers of rights and ownership and a contract between two parties warrants the careful attention of an experienced attorney whose duty is to work solely for your benefit.

  • Draft and review sales contract
  • Negotiate contract modifications
  • Manage deadlines and contingency dates
  • Title review and clearance
  • Review closing figures and documents
  • Attend closing
  • … and much more!